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Queenstown Fishing Video Gallery

Here’s a selection of videos from the Queenstown Fishing world. You can also follow our YouTube channel.

Fishing with JP

Learn to fish the deep lake – 7 meters plus – and fast rivers. Rainbow trout aren’t just on the surface of the streams!

Golf Getaway

Australian Online TV sensation “Golf Getaway” visits Queenstown for the coverage of NZPGA at the prestigious “The Hills” golf course. Checking out local hot spot and activities. Clip is from Heli-Fishing in a creek with near Queenstown one morning.

Ultimate Fishing School Give Away

Australian Fly Fishing Festival – Ultimate Fishing School Give Away winner Jack battling the weather and try up skilling his fly fishing techniques. It included having fun staying in our tiny fishing hut.

Hatch Fishing in Autumn

Hatch fishing on a glorious autumn afternoon. At my favourite stream – the fish are there but just sitting…

Autumn Fishing clip

A glimpse of autumn fishing in southern NZ

A casual afternoon on Hawea

A quick catch-up before the season opens. Very windy today!

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