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Tiny hut NZ

Tiny fishing hut

Living in Tiny hut…
It is becoming such a fashion to live tiny and go back to basics, and be closer to the nature.
Well… in our case it is pure comfort to be able to stay near some of the top fishing streams in style.
This five star tiny fishing hut was built in mind of hosting thousands of keen and passionate anglers, right on the door step to some of the top fishing rivers. This tiny hut is located in one of the country camp ground, it can host up to 4 people (2 single and 1 double bed), it has a all the essential necessities. Tiny hut offers anglers a pleasant stay, and much needed good night rest in-between your big fight with wild trouts. Rivers near by offers some of the best Brown trout fishing in NZ, these browns are big, fast running and very acrobatic (as mentioned in our previous blog Gangtas of the South ), as well as breathtaking sceneries and exiting Rainbow trout fishery in high country rivers.
Within 1 hour drive parameter from the tiny hut we have over 20 streams and lakes to choose from. It really is a fishing central of southern NZ.
So… why don’t you come join us for a day out on the river, followed by BBQ dinner with a glass of  locally produced pinot noir, and finishing the night off with a nip of single malt and a fishy yarn… and do it all over again next day.

For the basic package information, please look at out Southern Riffle page, we will taylor each and every trip especially to suit your style and fishing desire.
Come join us by the river, stay in out tiny hut, and enjoy “Kiwi fishing vacation”  with a touch of class and comfort.

Lets go tiny and fish large!

Tight lines

Tiny hut

Tiny hut bank bed

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