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Winter is in full swing, we enjoy a little rest and break from hot summer sun, this time of the year.
However we can’t seem to keep fishing bug obey for too long. Starting to dig out the gears off garage and head out to whatever the field still is open for fishing.
In recent time NZ anglers are waking up to Spey style (Double Hand) fishing. Spey fishing originated in Scotland and it was named after infamous Spey river.
We utilise the long casting capable Spey style fishing to cover bigger mass of water this time of the year.
Over the course of years Spey fishing has evolved and angler’s understanding has improved, and few branched off style of Spey fishing was developed around the world.
Double hand fishing is roughly categorised in 4 different styles these days, which are: Spey, Scandi, Skagit, Switch.
To explain the difference between them it would take me 3 pages long article, and may be better to leave it to later date, and there are plenty of article published, and video clips are available on line.

We do most of those but one of the style we enjoy the most is original Spey style. It uses full-belly line, and requires a bit of technic to be able to fish.
It’s one of those fishing takes quite a while but boy… once you get it working, you will be able to present a fly to a fish 80ft  – 100ft away with reasonable control and presentation.
Watching the long belly of line folding and flying straight to where you want to present to it is a poetry in motion.
Anyway enough of what the fishing is about and by now you may get a message that we are passionate about this fishing.

As a new product we now offer a Spey fishing lessons.
We have Spey 101 manual on offer through out the winter. Please check a link below as a result of the lesson with out first student.
He managed to fold and shoot 55ft of Spey head and landing 15ft leader beyond the line straight (it is normally one season worth of progress for a new Spey angler).
Spey fishing takes time to perfect but it still isn’t a rocket science to learn.
If anyone is keen to have a go give us a holla!

Video Link:

Spey on!

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