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We enjoy the off season quietness and slight rest period from the hot summer, this time of the year.
However you cannot keep a fishing bug obey for too long. We are always out and about looking for a tail or three no matter what temperature it is out there.
In recent times, NZ anglers started to wake up to Spey style (Double Hand) fishing, and we utilise it’s capability of covering water mass, fishing bigger water ways this time of the year.

Spey Fishing was originated in Scotland and named after infamous Spey river.  Over the course of the years both technology and angler’s understanding of fish improved and there are many types of double hand rigs developed around the world to customise to each and individual waterways thy have.
Spey fishing has developed into 4 big styles which are Spey, Scandi, Skagit, Switch styles. It will take 3 pages long article to explain the differences in each styles, so we will leave that until later in the date.  Each has pros and cons but the one We enjoy the most would be a Classic spey style. It features long belly line and require full understanding of how to cast before you can be competent. It takes a while to master the basics but once you get it… boy, it is fantastic! watching 80 -100 feet of line flying through air in your command and you still have a control of it that far away.

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