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Li (front) and Lu (back) came learned how to sports fish with spinning rod for the first time today.
As far as we can remember, they were the first mainland Chinese guys (never lived overseas) to show a genuine interest in learning to sports fish with us. They learned how to fish using our “4 Rules of Spinning” manual, and came up with 2 catch in less than favourite conditions.

It is same in every nationality in traditional/early stages of fishing, fishing means catch to harvest/ to dinner table, and if there is any form of sports fishing exists for them, it is because of the fish are not very pleasant to eat, also using a bait to catch those fish. We have had some Chinese guys came fished with us in the past, however all of those clients were living/ lived in western countries, and had some exposure to sports fishing. So… for these guys to show genuine interest in sports fishing using metal spinners to try catching trouts (which they never caught before), it was a welcome sight of changes.
Sports fishing in Asia, started in Japan about 5 decades ago then spread wide across south east Asia since. As each country took on the idea, there were some pioneers in each countries importing gears and techniques adopting style to their conditions, as well as some foreigner visiting to fish their fields and educating them.
It took about a decade each to get accepted, accustomed and become a fashion in each country.

Now, few of the Chinese residents are waking up to the idea of sports fishing, and the future of sports fishing in China is showing an early sign of blossoming. Those guys on the photo may possibly be the pioneers in a decade time. We will be watching Chinese fisherman’s progress with our great interest.

Beside all that, we were so happy they caught some fish and enjoyed themselves, in the short afternoon excursion.

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