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Oracle Scandi with winter run rainbow

Shakespeare Oracle Scandi 12”9 #8 Review

When I was getting into Spey fishing, I was looking for a rod that can teach me the correct way of Spey casting, and also a rod which can be used in any line system.
I called an old friend who has a ton of experience in Atlantic salmon fishing, and asked him for an advice, lesson, and gear suggestion.
After considering all the options I could have had, I decided on the Oracle Scandi 12”9 #8, as a good introduction rod.

Shakespeare Oracle Scandi 12”9 #8 has very forgiving through action. On the cast it feels like rod is more set up to be a parabolic action, like old-fashioned Spey rods, however when you hook a fish, taper is actually progressive and has a lot of strength on the bottom half of the rod, which allows you to enhance a deep flex when you use a heavier lines, apply slightly faster casting strokes or fighting large fish.

It handles most Skagit or Scandi heads between 480 grain to 600 grain with various tips. And 500- 600 grain fulbelly lines. With Skagit heads it has a casting range up to 90 feet, with Scandi heads up to 110ft, with full-belly up to 100 feet. My favorite line to match up is Carron Jetstream #8/9 65ft head (long- belly line), with Carron’s long and high performance taper design it brings deeper flex of the blank which allows anglers to feel the load easier.

Despite the power and progressive taper mentioned above, it still has very forgiving (but not sloppy) tip section, which allows anglers to defuse the end of casting for a more subtle presentation. Nature of this rod lets anglers to fish the small wet flies or even skating sedges, as well as well as being able to throw big streamers with Skagit line systems.

Price of this rod is another attraction, Oracle rod series are priced at around £80 – £120 it certainly won’t break your bank. It really is a good first rod to learn from for any angler starting on double hand fishing, or as a great backup/guiding rod of all round quality, for anglers at any levels.

Having said all that above, it is not the big distance-casting rod, if the fishing ranges are constantly over 90 feet or needing to through very heavy heads and tips consistently, anglers needs to shift focus to longer rods or higher line weight with even more aggressive progressive tapers. Another downside is no warranty comes with the rod, however at that price, buying another tip or whole rod will not hurt your pocket too much.

I had a fortune of striking 15lb+ wild rainbow trout (photo is on the banner of this homepage) in local tail-water fishery, and landed it. Despite trout’s strength and torque I felt the rod was only half loaded of it’s potential strength throughout the fight. This rod should handle any trout fishing and the salmon species under 40lb without too much difficulty. I can’t emphasize enough how versatile and useful this rod is, if you have any doubt just give it ago, I am sure it won’t let you down.

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