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2016 / 2017 season opening day

2016 / 2017 season opened!

Opening eve had the look of classic start to fishing season, bucketing rain and potential washout of the opening day, was feared.
However rain held its low pace and the river did not rise over night. A very keen angler was willing to get out fishing despite the weather. Off we go with every hope for the great start to the season. Morning was a bit of grind with low barometer and cold mist filling the basin, fish weren’t in much of a mood to use mouth, about 11:30am sun broke through the fog and started to lift the barometer, out of the sudden fish started to come out of the wood work and started to feed. Fair play to the client (John) had about 120 casts to the brown (on the photo above), about 1.25hours later he managed to convince the brown trout to bite at his nymph. Deep bend on the rod with noise of line slicing through the surface followed by a big splash noise of the powerful tail, the sound of the summer was back! Needless to say this brown trout was landed released back to its hole safely. That fish woke up the day and second half of the day was complete turn around. He caught 3 more and lost 1 as well. By all means it was not the most successful opening day ever, however as a guide I cannot hope for any better start to the season than driving client back with big smile and a fishy story to take home with.

May the fish be with us though out the season.

Tight lines

Fit rainbow in Otago

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