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Trout Spey

“Leave no riffle unchecked, and no fish unattended”

Spey Fishing was originated in the heart of Scotland in the mid-1800s, on the banks of the River Spey, fishing for salmon. Using double hand rod was adapted in many places around the world, it’s techniques and gears were altered to suit each waterway. Spey fishing is one of the most effective way to fish mid – large waterways and it is coming back into fashion in big ways. 

We will show you how to apply the Spey fishing techniques to trout fishing, fish NZ rivers and streams, making sure no trouts are un attended. Come and master the arts of down-streaming with us.


  • Heli-fishing
  • Boat access

(All inclusive for 1-2 anglers, Multi-day Trip available)

All our trips contain the essence of local guru’s word of wisdom “Talk to the River”, and our aim is to let “the river talk to you” on your day out. Please contact us at River Talk Guiding New Zealand Ltd for more information and start shaping your dream.  

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