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Learn how to Fish!

Learning to fish can be confusing. Do I go to River? Lake? Spring Creek? Do I use Fly? Lure? Bait? What time of the day? How big of a rod, reel, and how thick the line needs to be?

When you are just learning to fish, you’ll have millions of questions you want answers for. Often those questions can only be answered by years of experience.

River Talk Guiding New Zealand will make your learning to fish simple and uncomplicated. We will guide you through anything from how to tie the knots to advanced casting techniques. Come learn the essentials of fishing and start your life long love of fishing.

Packages include:

  • Transport to and from your accommodation
  • Fishing Licence(s)
  • Lunch/ Snack and Refreshments
  • Rental Gear
  • Step by step lesson of fishing 101
  • the X- factor of fishing !!!
  • Fly / Spin
Learn to Fish, Queenstown
Each and every Learn-to-Fish trip will be tailored carefully in consideration of weather, river/ lake conditions, anglers’ desires, and most importantly, your safety.

All our trips contain the essence of local guru’s word of wisdom “Talk to the River”,
and our aim is to let “the river talk to you” on your day out.

Please contact us at River Talk Guiding New Zealand Ltd for more information and start shaping your dream.

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