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Cicada, Central Otago, New Zealand
Sunset Cicada
Central Otago, Gold, NZ
Central Otago Lakes

In Central Otago lakes, the last hour of day-light lights up the surrounding banks in amber-gold colour and re-activates the burst of terrestrial activity long after steady afternoon rise finished, and brings trouts to rise. There are couple of theories behind this phenomenon, however this is my take on the theory.

Firstly, on a hot sunny and still days in those shallow Otago lakes, surface temperature can gets up well passed 20 degrees (celsius), trouts are cold blooded creatures and don’t tend to like those warm water, thus they sit deeper in the water column below the thermal turnover break, and only when they would like to feed they strike up towards the surface vertically and get a couple of mouthful of juicy feeds, then dive back down to the desired temperature water. With the low light of twilight often brings gentle southerly wind with it, and it starts to cool the surface down, which brings trouts closer to the surface.

Secondary, it is something to do with the colour of the surrounding banks; which are covered in native tussock grass. which has shinny tan brown colour. With the evening amber-gold lights start to shoot through the grass stokes sideway, it reflects the light among the plants itself, with more lights and extra warms coming off the light, terrestrial insects will get exited for a short while, until the lights starts to fade. It is similar to mayfly rise, however principle is different to water-born insects.

It is absolutely stunning time of the day to be out there. Most of the day time anglers would have left after the majority of the afternoon rise is finished by 6-7pm, unless they are camping by the lake. This is quite a secret to having a bit of quiet time and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Otago landscapes, which the film industry around the world can’t get enough of.

Once the terrestrial rise finishes, then water-born insects hatch will start and often provides a fantastic caddis or midge rise for an hour or so, then once the night falls it is time to pull out streamers and enjoy the contact fishing under the magnificent night sky full of starts with hardly any light pollutions.

It truely is a fabulous place to go hang out for the evening. Only catch for this fishing is; we only have a short window of summer for those treerstrial rise to be great, and weather dictates the conditions a lot. If you get a chance in a next month or so in hot still evenings, pack some warm cloth, a cooler with some food and a beer or two (soft drinks for kids!) and head out to the lakeside and enjoy the beauty of the place, as well as having fun catching fish or three. If you need any help with gears etc, or needing a guide to take you out there, just drop us a line.

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