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Night fishing NZ with a difference. Fishing at night can be great, but troublesome. Due to the nature of fishing is conducted by the feel of the rod and lines. Often the fish you can’t touch is more active at nights and aggressively feed through the nights in a lot shallower water. We fish with Streamers, nymphs or wet flies and every sense you have will be concentrated on the surroundings. Dark & spooky nights, when you can’t even see 5m ahead are the best night for night fishing. Here in NZ we have hardly any dangerous creatures that will target human as a play, we can quite happily be fishing in the dark on our own. Photo above was taken 2 nights ago on the side of Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown, the sky was lit up by Aurora Australis (aka Southern lights). Imagine your self standing under the big sky, standing on the lake side, fishing away under the orchestrated show of universe. We offer Guided Fishing Trip with a difference. Come fish NZ lakes and rivers at night and try your luck, and universe may reward your effort with Aurora and a big fish. Tight-lines

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