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lightThis was the sunset from the other day. Short and intense front went through and got us wet…

During the front passing there were a lot of caddis hatching, due to the unsettled air pressure and broken surface tension by the rainfall, however fish didn’t seem to be able to see caddis hatching and there were hardly any rises nor any take on the flies we had.

We fished through the rain and cold wind following the front, it wasn’t the most enjoyable day out, yet.

Just as we were giving up, we got rewarded with this sunset. A combination of the rain and sunset created the golden rainbows everywhere. Rise came back on right at the dusk and went on for a while and gifted us with one pretty little rainbow trout, which was as golden colour as the rainbow in the sky, and had bright red stripes on the sides of the body.

Sometime that’s fishing and results was not spectacular, however just being there witnessing the natural beauty was enough to satisfy the day.

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