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Alastair with fine Mataura brown trout


One of the common complaint I hear from client is “We want to go fishing but don’t have enough time to do everything!”. It is a hard to choose your activities, especially when fishing is not the primary objective to visit a tourist mecca such as Queestown. You have over 400 activities on offer, and you may only have 2-3 days to spare. It is a tough choice between what the family/ friends/ partner want to do, to what you rather do.
To solve a nightmare of the keen anglers, we started to offer the afternoon/evening guided fishing options. That allows you to do a family affairs for half of the day and be slightly naughty in the afternoon and evening to sneak away to fulfil your fishing fix. Not many fishing guides prefer this options as it can break a work time and rest time cycles for their guiding days. However I found that is rather great for fishing the Mataura river this time of the year, when the hatch time comes on late in he afternoon. Our regular client of the photo above is the prime example of taking advantage of the late afternoon hatch recently coming on between 4 – 6pm on a hot sunny day (unless the air pressure is unstable), and fish are out of the cover, feeding, relaxed, and a lot easier to catch.

While it is not a prime morning hours to get on the water first for the day, and slight hard work for us guides to work around it. Most anglers are leaving the river for the dinner home that time of the day, which leaves us a lot quieter environment to fish with.  Fishing into the twilight, dinner on a river bank and having a cup of tea watching mayfly dancing by can be quite an authentic experience. As we mentioned, it requires a bit of organising to fit it in the guides schedule. A good communication to your guide and travel companions prior to the trip day is the key to your successful and enjoyable afternoon out, without getting into too much trouble afterwords.

Key to your good day fishing the Mataura river is “Matching the hatch time”, feel free to drop us a line if there is any question regarding the fishing Mataura river.

Tight lines.

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