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DSC01331I often hear comments like “I wasn’t expecting that!” from clients who had a massive fight or got broken off by a good old brown trout from the areas surrounding Queenstown.

I guess we as locals are used to fighting brown trouts here, and accustomed to the fight. However for the people not used to this region’s browns, they may surprise how powerful, fast and acrobatic brown trout can be.

I call them “Gangstas of the South“.  

I am sure Atlantic salmon and sea trout around the world fight a lot harder. Regardless of that, combined stereo typical image of brown trout and finer tackle we fish them with, those browns makes your fight a surprising package and a real sport. If you are not getting exited fighting a fit 3-5lb brown trout, which can belt you 20m – 30m up and down the river on 5X – 6X tippet, I’d recommend you get psychiatric test done. As the season progresses, those browns will start putting more weight on for pre-spawning build up.

We look forward to the exiting fights to come and great autumn hatch fishing !!!

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