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Blue Charm – Salmon Fishing in Scotland with Ian Gordon

Blue Charm DVD was directed and produced by Ian Gordon and Robert Stroh. Ian Gordon – If you know a little bit about Spey fishing in Scotland his name is all too familiar, a 20+ years experienced Ghillie, Spey Casting world champion, as well as his involvement with Hardy and Greys products. Pretty much all-round Mr Spey.

Robert Stroh – Master craftsman, Europe’s biggest fishing show producer and split cane rod builder, as well as being a mad fisherman. Judging from the legacy of those two getting together to make a Spey fishing DVD, it’s credibility doesn’t need too much introduction.

I am not known to buy a lot of fishing DVDs, however it is one of those movie struck my curiosity on the right note from the release of the movie trailer. And it was as impressive as any viewer could hope for. It is a complete guide to Spey fishing in Scotland. It covers from history of Spey fishing, great introduction of three iconic rivers(Spey, Royal Dee and Findhorn), casting tuition, fly selection, to river craft skills in rather through and balanced manner, narrated and demostrated by Ian Gordon himself.

It is a quite refreshing approach to making fishing movies. It frames the essence of Spey fishing in Scotland, and certainly makes you want to go fish there.

This movie would appeal to and certainly be very beneficial to anglers at all skill levels. It is one of those footage that you can watch it time and time again to absolve little more tips and knowledges, and listen to Ian Gordon’s clear and concise instruction to better your fishing skills.

Trying not to spoil the movie contents too much, but at one part of the movie, Ian Gordon demonstrates Spey fishing is for everyone to enjoy and teach new-comers, and showing how easy it is to get spey fishing going. Not sure how this DVD sales are going, however I’d sicerely hope this kind of movie to be seen by many, and build a bigger foundation of next generation of spey anglers.

If I may point out the only down side of this movie, it is the 96min long in duration. If you aren’t super keen or completely novice to Spey fishing, you may find it a little long and boring.

Over All I’d give 5 stars to the contents, story line and effort of capturing the essence of Spey fishing. I have certainly enjoyed watching it. If you are interested in purchasing the DVD please check the website below.


May the cast is long, and line is tight!

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Blue Charm DVD

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