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A moment of victory

A moment of victory for Spencer

Anglers blog, Queenstown NZ

Fishing report and tips from Queenstown New Zealand

When you are in new water way, it is not easy to adjust to the condition and styles required. This young man tried hard to get used to the riffle fishing. After about 2o casts, he managed to convince this beauty to eat his fly, then onto the hard battle. As we mentioned in previous post (Gangstas of the South), these browns in southern rivers fight like no other brown trout. On the first run it took him 30m down the river then 3 jumps around 4ft high. Something this young man wasn’t used to. However he followed our guidance and with his father cheering on the side, managed to land this beauty. It took him a few minutes to soak in the victory and after he carefully released his prized catch, he broke up the biggest smile.  Big congratulation to this young man, and I am sure more of these moments will be waiting for him. We wish him lots of tight lines.

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